Let’s be honest; you can probably write the content for your own website. Many people do, and why not? Nobody knows your business as well as you do. Unfortunately, there are just as many people putting it off, not sure where to start, or trudging through each sentence slowly and painfully. If this sounds familiar, then I can tell you a digital copywriter might just be worth the extra dollars. Here are the four main reasons small businesses come to me for their web content.


#1. People just don’t have the time.

You’ve been working with a web design agency to develop your new website over the last few months. You know you’ll have to provide your content, but it’s either nonexistent or out of date and it’s been constantly dropping to the bottom of your to-do list. Suddenly your website is ready to go live but you haven’t got the time to work on your content. This is where I come in. With just a phone call or email and a list of questions about your business and industry, I can have your website content written and delivered – often within the week. It’s even checked for typos so all you have to do is forward it on to your web designer. This all means you can launch your website sooner rather than later, and start attracting new customers via your brand spanking new web presence.

It’sh jusht sho darn hard to find the time.


 #2.  Copywriters know which questions to ask.

A lot of clients know what they want to say, but aren’t sure how to say it. I know how to ask the right questions to extract that information and use it create engaging content for your site. Some of these questions might involve:

  • The factor/s that set you apart from your competitors
  • Your areas of service and expertise
  • Your experience and what this means to your customer
  • The main benefits to be gained from your product or service.

Good copywriting brings out the full value of your product or service. It might be difficult to justify the cost of a painting service, until the customer is reminded that it can add value to their property, minimise wear and tear and potentially even reduce their energy costs. You might know these benefits, but your customer may not. If you can communicate them in an engaging manner, the customer might just make that initial call.


 #3. The copywriter is an outsider (and that’s a good thing).

You’re likely close to your business, and in some ways that makes it harder to write about. Sometimes you just need a set of fresh eyes to see your business in an objective light. I can help you cut the useless information, keep the important stuff and present it in a way that people will want to read.

Recently I’ve written about two or three very similar businesses in the space of a month, yet the content for each ends up distinctly different. That’s because each business has its own brand personality, its own unique features to promote (like a particular specialty or 30 years of experience), and its own target audience. Marketing is all about finding that thing that separates you from the rest.


#4. Copywriters speak SEO.

This is a biggie as Google continues its global domination. If you’ve ever tried to integrate SEO keywords into your web content, you’ve probably realized how tricky it can be to get right. Not only do you need to get the phrase and its variations into content using sound grammar; that content also needs to be engaging for the reader AND get your message across clearly. Because I’ve done it before, I know the phrases and sentence structures to use to integrate keywords without sounding like a robot.


At the end of the day, I can’t tell you if it’s worth hiring a digital copywriter. What I can tell you is that quality copywriting can help lead to customer engagement, brand awareness and importantly, conversions for your business. If you’re short on the time or inclination needed to write strong web copy, get in touch.

And remember, a good copywriter doesn’t cost you money; they make you money.