I’ve recently been briefed to write some web content for a product that should be flying off the shelves. The problem is the website has very little written content and a low conversion rate, and the two appear to be linked.

When you first arrive on the site you read a few brief sentences and to be honest, the website echoes. It’s the equivalent of a room with a table and chair in a huge cold and empty warehouse with stark lighting, as opposed to a warm and welcoming living room with well-worn armchairs.

That’s how important content is on your website. Even if a visitor doesn’t read every single word (just as they wouldn’t sit in every chair in your home), it’s comforting that the information is there should they need it. We like to know that there is support and thought behind the products and services we use. No content means no substance, which means no trust.

Design and content go hand in hand. Without paying attention to both, your customers can be left confused, disoriented or running as fast as they can to get the heck outta that creepy echo chamber. Don’t be that creepy echo chamber.